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(Joint Research Project: Human Mobility and Human Security in the Eastern Mediterranean)

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Conflict Victims in Cinema ― Narratives of Palestinians and Jews after 1990s ―

Profile of Lecturers

■ Hady Zaccak

Born in Beirut 1974.
Masters in Film Directing from IESAV Film School,
Saint Joseph University (Lebanon).

His films have been broadcast by several TV stations          
(Future TV, al-Arabiya, France 3, al-Jazeera) and
selected in several film festivals worldwide.

Article about his work 1 

Article about his work 2            
□ Filmography
Sunni Echoes from Lebanon (2007_ 52min.)
Shi’a Echoes from Lebanon (2007_ 52min.)
The War of Peace (2007_ 100min.)
Refugees for Life (2006_ 48min.)
The Shiites (2005_ 53min.)
The Copts (2004_ 53min.)
The Neo-Missionaries (2004_ 52min.)
1000 and 1000 Nights (1999_ 15min.)

Poster of his work 

Haim Bresheeth

Chair of Media and Cultural Studies,
Deputy Dean, SSMCS, University of East London.
PhD in Film and Television
Royal College of Arts (London)
Publishes newspaper articles both in Hebrew and English in Ha’aretz and Al-Ahram weekly.

His Home Page about Gaza invasion 

○ Films

A Civilised Clash (2007)
Films: In Progress - Art in Exile (2008)
State of Danger (1989, BBC2, 30 min)

○ Books
Cinema and Memory: Dangerous Liaisons (2004)
Holocaust for Beginners (1993)
The Gulf War and the New World Order (1992)
The Conflict and Contemporary Visual Culture in Palestine (2006)

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